Tao Erotic Massage

Monday - Sunday
11am - 4am
Central Location

29A Stirbei Voda,
Bucharest City Center


Sensual massage

This massage, done with refinement and tenderness, is a prelude to oriental massage. This massage as practiced at Lucky Love, when done with finesse is rightfully the climax of erotic massages in Bucharest.

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Tao Erotic Massage for Women

With women, especially when they do abandon themselves to the capable hands of the male or female massage artist, the well-being and complete happiness reached through touch is amazing.

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Tao Erotic Massage for Men

Made for you, the refined erotic massage we are offering is a story of infinite touch. An oriental massage, a royalty of sensual touches, the erotic massage is a true art of tender caresses on your nude body.

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Tao Erotic Massage for Couples

Being in a couple or friendship relationship, you can enjoy together a novel experience that will bring color to your relationship or even a reawakening of the initial fire in the lovers case.

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