Yoni Massage - Healing through Orgasm

Yoni Massage - Healing through Orgasm

Have you ever thought that orgasmic experience beside the delight it generates it can also have healing effects by removing suffering from your soul as well as accumulated emotional and erotic imprisonment? That it can make you feel freer, more feminine, more yourself afterwards?
All these feelings can be triggered during vaginal massage, performed with affection, delicacy, empathy and professionalism by a skillfull masseur.

You may have wondered how such states of catharsis can occur during yoni massage.
Here you have the testimony of a woman who received for the first time a yoni massage from the masseur of our Tantric erotic massage salon, Lucky Love.

"I knew about yoni massage from several sources. For a long time I wanted to have such a massage, knowing that its purpose is not only to cause me orgasms, intense pleasure, but also to heal me physically and (more important) mentally and emotionally. Unfortunately, today too many women suffer from various traumas, more or less consciously.

Frigidity, erotic unfullfillment, lack of tenderness (even of the affectionate words we should receive in childhood from our father, and in adolescence and later on from our lover) lead to certain inhibitions and traumas which are more or less profound, more or less conscious.
Like I said, I wanted such a massage. And finally, I met someone with training in this field. It is a man. For me, this mattered because in this way an energetic polarization of my female being occured.

From the beginning of the massage, I was aware that I really wanted to heal certain traumas of an erotic nature from my adolescence. I tried to abandon myself to the intimate touches of the man in front of me, with a certain openness of my soul to the male archetype, I sought to see beyond form and name, to look at him as the Ideal Beloved of my soul.

Thus, every touch had deep reverberations in my being. Although I felt intense waves of pleasure, my focus was constantly on the desire to heal from the emotions that held me captive on an erotic level. I aimed to stay calm, to breathe easily, to feel the pleasure, to use it, to go beyond it.
I felt a "door" opening in my being, a door that has been closed for a long time and whose key was lost in the flow of life.

But this man, with all his skills, managed to open this "door" for me, and so I penetrated myself, I entered in the midst of the pain caused by the trauma I once experienced. I felt a huge pain in my soul. An excruciating fire came out of my chest. A state of chatarsis has started. I felt burning with pain but also with pleasure, the pleasure generated by the massage I received in my yoni. This pain was more and more alchemized, cleansed, healed through pleasure. It was very clear to me that if I had not had those intense sensations of pleasure, of orgasm, I would not have been able to cope with the excruciating pain caused by those memories.

I started crying out loud and I couldn't stop that wave of energy coming out of me, out of my soul. But I felt it was for my own good. Then a state of tremendous pressure appeared on my heart and I admit that I got scared and I was a little afraid of what was to come. My intuition told me that I was going to face something unpleasan, but I had the courage to give up. And I did well.

Abandonment helped me to calm down and enjoy again only the delicious pleasure generated by the massage. But, after a few minutes, other sufferings came up from the depths of my being and I started crying again. It was a purification of the heart, through the pleasure I was experiencing.
I realized that the more pleasure I experienced and the more intense orgasmsI had, the better I could deal with the pain that was triggered.

At the end of the massage I felt much happier, more at peace with myself, freed from a part of the burden I was carrying with me.
I want to benefit from a few more yoni massages so that I can completely abandon myself to the man in my life. Without restraints, without fears
. ”

Dana s., Bucharest

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Whether or not you have trauma, whether or not you know you have trauma, yoni massage is a plus for your femininity. The sensual orgasmic feelings that occur are of a diversity and refinement that you may not have experienced before. All you need is a little curiosity and courage.