How do you know if you need a yoni massage?

How do you know if you need a yoni massage?

Every woman who has never had a yoni massage before can naturally ask herself one of the questions:

  • ‘What is yoni massage?`
  • ‘How is a yoni massage session?’
  • ‘How do I know if I really need a yoni massage?’

What is yoni massage?

‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘vulva’, ‘source’ of the universe, ‘sacred place’.

Yoni massage is a special massage performed on the outer and inner sides of the woman's intimate area with delicate maneuvres and very precise and soft techniques for deblocking, awakening and harmonizing the energy in the area.

At Lucky Love parlour for tantric massage, the yoni massage is included in the final part of the tantric massage for women which relaxes and generates the neccessary opening for this special massage.

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Yoni Massage is for you if:

  • You want to relax deeply and reconnect to your body

Daily activities and stress make you forget about yourself and not be aware of your limits. You end up feeling disconnected from your body, from your inner universe and living more "in your head".

Tantric massage for women and yoni massage offered by Lucky Love are an extraordinary opportunity to relax, to eliminate stress, to alchemize negative emotions.

You will reconnect to your positive, deep emotions and you will experience a state of rediscovery, reunion.

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  • You want to be more sensual

Yoni massage removes erotic and emotional blockages and traumas. Your erotic energy will flow freely, it will make you more spontaneous, free, full of self-confidence. You will feel more feminine, more sensual. You will certainly not go unnoticed by men.

  • You haven't made love in a long time

Frustration and bitterness can easily set in in the absence of a fulfilling love life. You need to take care of your yoni just like you do with any other part of your body. Yoni massage gives you the opportunity to feel a certain effervescence in your intimate area, a pleasant, harmonious and refined energization.

  • You want to improve your love life

When your love life is not fulfilling, you need to do something about it. A good start for the better is to begin with yourself.

Yoni massage removes emotional and erotic tensions. You will feel more open to make love with your boyfriend / husband and your libido will increase considerably due to the energetic activations and the unblocking in these areas.

Thus, your amorous life will benefit a lot from yoni massage by:

  • increasing sensitivity in the vagina
  • removal of painful points from the vagina
  • increase of your orgasmic capacity

Even though the purpose of vaginal massage is not the sexual stimulation and reaching orgasm, many women experience orgasm for the first time during such a massage.

The state of openness, security, affection generated during this massage, the connection created between the woman's erotic and emotional plan lead to such orgasmic, fulfilling, paradisiacal feelings through the loving, gentle and masterful guidance of the Lucky Love masseur / masseuse.

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