What is SHAKTI?

What is SHAKTI?

When you see an oustanding woman with a special charm, you might face a magical Zen moment when you perceive the world in a different, much more intense, amazing and beneficial way.

You are fascinated by her beautiful, delightful energy that makes you dream and want to discover her mystery. Feminine, strong, playful, sensual, in a word, a veritable SHAKTI! 

What does SHAKTI mean?

In the Oriental tradition, ancient texts give a very important place to the concept of SHAKTI. In Sanskrit, the word SHAKTI means "feminine power", "force of nature" or "energy". SHAKTI is the personification of the primordial feminine energy. Considered as  SHIVA's feminine counterpart (-) or lover, SHAKTI is the expression of the Eternal Feminine or of the Mother Goddess, unifying femininity and maternity, through her manifestation as a fundamental force of nature. 

SHAKTI  is the primordial feminine energy

Femininity gives women countless attributes and specific energies. Just like a painter or a sculptor who needs time, inspiration and a lot of work to complete his work, a woman needs to awaken these energies gradually, plenary and harmoniously in order to come to perfection and to manifests a sublime, elevated, godly, overwhelming femininity. 

What makes a woman manifests a state of fascination and overwhelming feminine mystery is the awakening and amplification of the state of SHAKTI in her inner universe, that is, of that primordial feminine energy that gives life, creates, or in other words, of the Holy Spirit.

Perhaps many women will wonder what is the connection between  divinity and the feminine charm and mystery. 
True beauty is the one that springs from the connection with the source, with the Creation. A woman becomes perfect, fascinating, charming when she finds the Creator within herself and then offers her godly nature to everyone, with endless grace, in a most feminine manner.

Disclosed secrets of some ancient tantric treaties 

SHAKTI is venerated in the Orient in its various feminine aspects, the most famous of them being three types of mysterious feminine energies:

  1. KRIYA SHAKTI - the mysterious power of action
  2. ICCHA SHAKTI - the mysterious power of will or intention
  3. JNANA SHAKTI - the mysterious power of knowledge

These secret treaties say that when these SHAKTIS or secret feminine powers are fully awaken in our being, they trigger deep and irreversible inner transformation. 

Corresponding focal points on your body

Such SHAKTIS (energies) can be found in a potential or awakened form in the inner universe of every human being. They have some corresponding focal points on the body.

Some of the bioenergetic points that are known in acupressure correspond to these mysterious focal points through which we can gradually awaken these SHAKTIS or secret feminine powers.

Acupressure and massage may generate important inner transformations through the gradual awakening of these SHAKTIS, especially if the one that receives it is very attentive to all energies that awaken, both immediately and within 24 hours after the massage or acupressure session. 

The power of fascination of the conscious feminine  energy 

In the current era, all this information seems to sound like old ancient stories. But the feminine mystery will always exert an extraordinary attraction for most human beings. It's not about the famous "La donna e mobile" (woman is changing) but about the power of fascination and of spiritual transformation that the conscious, sublime and elevated female energy manifests.

When you encounter a woman through whom the Eternal Feminine, the Universal Creative Matrix, the Great Mother or MAHA SHAKTI manifest, and who is aware of her permanent connection to this Universal Matrix, you will not be able to forget her easily and her memory will awaken your curiosity to discover this mysterious power in yourself and the desire to learn to reconnect to the Eternal Feminine or MAHA SHAKTI. 

The Divine Mother or MAHA SHAKTI 

For a woman who wants to awaken the state of SHAKTI and its qualities, it is essential to understand the concept of SHAKTI. In "Bhairava Yamala Tantra" it is said about MAHA SHAKTI: "She is the pure transcendent light itself from which all things and beings are born." 
A woman in whom the state of SHAKTI is plenary awaken, is a perfect manifestation of the Divine Mother, she becomes a mysterious force of nature, she is elevated, euphoric, maternal, feminine, sensual, godly. 

The gates open to a new reality 

Those extraordinary women who have a strong spiritual aspiration will begin to gradually perceive not only the physical universe of the visible, tangible world, but also a new reality of the invisible world that will open the gates of godly treasures. 

The world we live in is dominated by senses and by primary instincts, and the godly essence of our soul, our true Self, was buried by most of us in the deep layers of the subconscious. 

When you say, for example, "myself", do you  think of the godly spark that exists in yourself? We have identified so much with the role we play in society that we forgot who we really are. 

To transcend this illusion in which we are chained, we must be able to detach from it and to reconnect to the umbilical-Maha Shakti cosmic cord or the Holy Spirit, which will bring us into a mysterious, ineffable connection that exists between us and God.

Some qualities that are specific to a SHAKTI

The specific qualities of an exceptional woman in which the state of SHAKTI is awakened:

Love * Vitality * Goodness * Refinement * Humbleness * Wisdom * Dignity * Creative Intelligence * Courage * Abandonment * Spontaneity * Transfiguration * Playfulness * Pure Eroticism * Spiritual Aspiration * Self Confidence * Enthusiasm * Gratitude * Perseverance 

The simplest way to assimilate these attributes is the transfiguration of those women who are manifesting them thanks to their state of SHAKTI.

Through this alchemical transfiguration process, the elements of external reality are elevated, distilled and transformed into a new, elevated, wonderful, emotional reality, with which the one that transfigures identifies and assimilates. Aim to spend quality time in the company of such women. 

Tantric massage for women that includes the special massage of the vagina, called Yoni Massage in Tantric tradition, is also an excellent method of experiencing pure eroticism and assimilate the state of SHAKTI by stimulating those focal points specific to some mysterious types of feminine energy. 

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You can amplify the state of SHAKTI even in moments of relaxation in nature, when you listen to a sublime music or when you manifest your creativity. 

The awakening of the state of SHAKTI by as many women as possible will lead to the elevation of women across the planet and thus, the woman will always permanently have access to the perfect, inexhaustible, godly female archetype of MAHA SHAKTI.

Magic, mysterious anf powerful is the woman in whose heart God governs, as then He lays the entire the Universe at her feet.