Erotic Massage

Monday - Sunday
11am - 4am
Central Location

29A Stirbei Voda,
Bucharest City Center

Lucky Love Tao Massage

Lucky Love Tao Massage

Lucky Love Tao Massage is the Massage that you eagerly wait for on Friday or after a working week…or any other day. The style of our centre: intimate, smart and refined. It takes you from the very entrance into a retro and cozy ambiance of the beginning of the 20th century when the time did not start to run away. Here you can peacefully pamper yourself with an exceptional Tao erotic massage done by a beautiful woman who will delight you not only with her sensuality but also with an intelligent, recreational and very charming conversation in front of a glass of champagne (on the house).

Touching the body, mind, and soul to bring blissful states or paradise, our highly trained massage artists in Bucharest wait for you!