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Tantric Erotic Massage for Women

Tantric Erotic Massage for Women

Tantric erotic massage for women is a massage for body, mind and soul. Lucky Love erotic massage salon in Bucharest is the ideal place to feel pampered, caressed, relaxed but also energized, in an atmosphere that is full of safety and comfort.

What is the tantric erotic massage for women offered by Lucky Love?

Lucky Massage erotic massage salon offers you a tantric erotic massage for women inspired by both the millennial tantric and Taoist tradition and includes elements from the classic relaxation and pressopuncture, Ayurvedic massage, lymphatic massage.

All these maneuvers will eliminate the stress and tension accumulated in your body and will generate refined states of pleasure and happiness. Your therapist (male or female, as you wish) will pamper not only your body but also your soul. You will be guided to reconnect to the deepest feelings that bring you joy and confidence.

The tantric methods we apply will make you expand beyond the limits of your physical body. You will be able to experience another dimension of being, beyond space and time.

What are the benefits of tantric erotic massage for women?

Here are some of the benefits of tantric erotic massage for women:

  • relieve of stress and tensions
  • elimination of frigidity and anorgasmia
  • healing of emotional traumas
  • awakening of refined erotic energy
  • states of fulfillment, pleasure, happiness
  • intense and refined states that take you into another dimension of your consciousness
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Which are the stages of the tantric erotic massage for women?

  • The massage will begin with maneuvres of relaxation that aim to relax the body and calm the mind.
  • Then the touches become more and more sensual. By combining relaxation massage with sensual massage, the therapist will unblock the main meridians in the body and by acupressure will dissipate the accumulated tensions from certain areas.
  • When the body in totally relaxed and euphoric, it is ready to experience the erotic massage of the genital area (yoni massage). YONI MASSAGE is a special, intimate massage for women that aims to remove blockages in the woman's intimate area, the harmonization of the energy at this level, the enhancing the woman's orgasmic capacity.


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What happens if I do not feel to go on and experience the yoni massage?

Nothing will happen. The masseuse or masseur will stop and will perform a relaxing massage combined with elements of  tantric erotic massage. Even in that case, the effects of tantric erotic massage will be felt much time afterwards.

How long does the tantric erotic massage for women last?

The duration of the erotic massage for women is at least 1 hour. According to your desire it can take 1h30min (this is the minimum duration if yoni massage is included). Of course you can choose to stay even 2-3 hours.
This type of massage is indicated both for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes and to simply enjoy the pleasure of a well-deserved massage at the end of the week.

What to expect from tantric erotic massage for women?

Even if the massage we offer can trigger states of unsuspected pleasure, even multiple orgasms, the purpose of this type of massage is to unlock and energize erotic energy and diffuse it throughout the being so that a deep and global state of relaxation, refined pleasure and balance.

What we do NOT offer

You will receive all the information you need about tantric erotic massage for women from the phone conversation and you will be introduced to our principles. The tantric erotic massage offered by our erotic massage salon involves only massage, we do not offer sexual services.