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Tao Massage for Men

Tao Massage for Men

Nowadays, although we consider that we are within a full sexual revolution and we can find ways to be sexually fulfilled everywhere, there are no genuine understanding and knowledge of sexuality so that one could fully live one's sexuality, yet not being subjugated by it. Even though we know so much about sex, men are not protected by frustration, lack of fulfillment, premature ejaculation and impotence.

Tantra and Tao have found the ideal solution to solve these problems and to fully benefit of sexuality. For Taoists, sexuality is even a medicine. They have noticed that the awakened sexual energy, guided towards certain area of the body can make men multi-orgasmic just as women. Tantrics have noticed that instead of denying sexuality, it can be used to feel infinite states of pleasure.

The massage we perform is inspired both from the ancient Tantric and Taoist tradition combined with the relaxing massage. The goal of this massage is first to unblock and remove tensions and then to awaken and energize some superior states of wellbeing, pleasure, happiness.

In fact, men feel these states when they fully control their seminal potential and transform it into an immense beneficial energy and this is why we aim to help men during our massage to achieve this capability.

What is happening when you are calling us for a booking?

Even at the phone call you are going to receive all information you need and you will be reminded our principles such as: our services involve only massage and we do not offer sexual services. Even though the massage could trigger states of unguessed pleasure, we aim to spread the awakened energy in the whole being so that a profound and global state of wellbeing and fullfilment occurs.

How is it going to be when you arrive here?

You will be received by one of our young and beautiful therapists.

The atmosphere when you are received will be sensual, warm, clean and relaxing. We have everything is needed for massage: organic oils, towels, shower and an environment what will please your sight.

Before having shower, you will have some time to talk to our therapist who will explain you what the massage consist of, how it is structured. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

How is the massage going to be?

The massage starts with a part of relaxation that aims to wind down the body and to calm the mind. Then the massage gets more and more sensual: fine caresses on the massaged areas, body massage, awakening of the erogenous areas. The goal of this teasing and of this sensual massage performed with palms, forearms, breasts, thighs, calves, chin, soles, waist is to awaken and energize a state of effervescent pleasure that gradually takes hold of the entire body. The alternation between Taoist techniques of massage and sensual massage will gradually manage to produce in the being who receives this kind of massage an awakening of the capability to live the sensation not only to consume it. Then an ascending of the pleasure from the level of a gross local pleasure to a state of refined, elevated, global orgasmic pleasure will occur. All this occurs in the being by fully controlling the seminal potential and transforming it into an immense beneficial energy that triggers pleasure, happiness and a huge beneficial power.