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Tao Massage for Women

Tao Massage for Women

The massage we propose for you, women, is a massage for body, mind and soul. It is a unique experience in an ambiance in which you will feel pampered in safety.

You can choose a female or a male therapist. The years of experience, the knowledge and self-giving they prove will make you feel from the very beginning that you have chosen a team of professionals that will not only help you to feel excellent but will also offer you the whole support you need to attain unguessed states of fulfilment and happiness.

Nowadays, although we consider that we are within a full sexual revolution, there are no genuine understanding and knowledge of sexuality. Even though we know so much about sex, this does not protect us from couple problems and lack of fulfilment. Tantra and Tao have found the ideal solution to solve these problems and to wisely benefit of sexuality. For Taoists, sexuality is even a medicine. They have noticed that the awakened sexual energy, guided towards certain areas of the body can ameliorate and even cure many ailments. Tantrics have noticed as well that instead of denying sexuality, it can be used to feel infinite states of heavenly happiness.

The massage we perform is inspired both from the ancient Tantric and Taoist tradition combined with the relaxing massage. The goal of this massage is first to unblock and remove tensions and then to awaken and energize some superior states of wellbeing, pleasure, happiness.

What is happening when you are calling us for a booking?

Even at the phone call you are going to receive all information you need and you will be reminded our principles such as: our services involve only massage and we do not offer sexual services. Even though the massage could trigger states of unguessed pleasure, even multiple-orgasms, we aim to spread the awakened energy in the whole being so that a profound and global state of balance will occur.

How is it going to be when you arrive here?

The atmosphere when you are received will be sensual, warm, clean and relaxing. We have everything is needed for massage: organic oils, towels, shower and an environment what is going to please your sight.
Before having shower, you will have some time to talk to our therapist who will explain you what the massage consist of, how it is structured. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

How is the massage going to be?

The massage starts with a part of relaxation that aims to wind down the body and to calm the mind. Then the massage gets more and more sensual: fine caresses on the massaged areas, the massage with forearms, light mobilisations, the awakening of the erogenous areas. By combining the relaxation massage with the sensual massage, the therapist will unblock the main meridians of body and they will remove by acupressure the accumulated tensions in the areas that need it. When the pleasant euphoric relaxing feeling appears and the body gets ready to experience more, then the therapist will ask if he/she can perform the yoni massage. Only if you agree, the journey in the unguessed world of pleasure can start.

What does yoni massage mean?

In acupressure, it is considered that all our organs as well as all parts of our body are projected and have a certain corresponding area both at the level of soles, palms, ears and especially at the level of genitalia. Yoni is the Sanskrit word of the female intimate parts. Yoni massage involves in the first stage the massage of the pelvic area that brings about unblocking of the energy. A feeling of pleasure given by this flow of energy will appear. Then the unblocking and harmonization of each part of the yoni will follow. Each part of female yoni is linked to the awakening of some feelings. Thus, a symphony of feelings can be triggered at that moment, even a global state of bliss.

During the intimate massage, the therapist will aim to go through three distinct steps:

  • The first step is mapping of yoni. The therapist will aim the energizing of each area: clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, cervix, as well as its epicenter. Each area awakens a distinct form of pleasure.
  • The second step is discovering some areas of the yoni that might lack sensitivity, are unpleasant or painful when touched. The woman's yoni is as a sponge in which numerous emotions are absorbed and memorized. By stimulating these areas an appropriate time, these emotions can be brought into light and they can be even healed.
  • The third step is spreading the orgasmic pleasure from the intimate area in the entire body. At that time, the female body becomes as a yoni and she can feel very intense orgasmic pleasure in all the parts of the body.

What happens if I do not feel to go forward to experience the yoni massage?

Nothing will occur. The therapist will stop and will perform a relaxing massage combined with elements of Taoist massage. Even in that case, the effects of massage will be felt much time afterwards because the created structure of this massage allows a feeling of fulfilment and relaxation from the very beginning.

What happens if I want to have the yoni massage without the relaxing massage?

It is not possible to get the massage in this way because it would not be beneficial for you. Because your body would not be prepared to get the yoni massage, then your feelings would not be high. We do not compromise the quality.