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About lucky love night club

Here at Lucky Love, we cater to the entire array of erotic encounters you could desire on your night out. We welcome both men and women into our night club. If you want to watch topless shows, enjoy a pole dance, experience a one on one striptease, or just relaxing, drinking, chatting and having fun, Lucky Love night club is the best place to be.

Lucky Love Gentlemen's Night Club is opened to all fans of erotic art who appreciate sensuality in its various forms. Variety is the spice of life which is why offer plenty variety to spice up your night: striptease, pole dance, private parties, intimate ladies show, topless show.

People say that a woman dancing is 'a masterpiece in movement'. Beauty, sensuality, femininity, and elegance are woven together into an intoxicating cocktail. This display of feminine beauty is our trademark at Lucky Love – it is why our guest keeps coming back for more. And once you experience it for yourself, you will want to go back again too.
You can treat yourself to a one-on-one private dance with your favourite lady - your choice, of course - in one of the VIP private rooms.
We pride ourselves on tempting you with well-groomed Dancers that offer intelligent and engaging conversations in a host of languages.

When not mesmerising you on stage with their sumptuous moves and graceful routines, our girls love to engage guests in stimulating and playful conversations. The Lucky love dancers are famed for their intelligence, quick wit and ability to converse in any topic and multiple languages.

Why Choose Lucky Love?

There are many clubs in Bucharest you can choose to spend your night or start your night. All can claim to have the most beautiful ladies and the best dancers.
We also believe our girls are the most beautiful and the best dancers. But thats not what sets Lucky Love apart. Lucky Love is a unique erotic destination because of one thing: at Lucky Love, everything it is natural. Our dancers and ladies are all naturally erotic. They love to dance. They love to be sexy. They love to be sensual and seductive. Eroticism is in their blood.

When our girls dance for you, its because they enjoy it. When they give you a private dance, its full of genuine passion. When they do a 'lesbian show', it is real. Eroticism is as natural as breathing at Lucky Love. Our girls dont 'perform' – they express themselves. You only need to experience this once to realise the truth.

Of course, on top of natural eroticism Lucky Love offers you everything you would expect from an erotic paradise. Our ladies are dressed classy yet sexy, and the bar is a full selection of refreshing tipples at sensible prices, stylish décor and a relaxing ambience.

Best of all, unlike many venues, Lucky Love is a pressure-free club. You can come and enjoy the services without being hassled or interrupted every two minutes. Whether you are entertaining clients or friends, winding down after a conference or providing hospitality for overseas guests, our relaxed atmosphere with friendly service will be a breath of fresh air for you and your group…. and youll need that air after seeing one of our shows!

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