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Tantric Massage for Men and Women

mira lucky love maseuza

I am sensual and voluptuous, always ready to communicate as openly as possible with those who approach me in a natural way.

My love language is touch and intimacy lived with warmth and passion. This is one of the reasons why I learned to perform tantric massage. I love to offer this delightful magical touch as well as a lot of refined sensuality, thus spontaneously awakening a pure love in all those open to receive it.

I am passionate about spirituality, inspired music, the study of the secrets of Tantric and Taoist traditions. I also study the art of making love in a tantric way as a royal path of transformation, regeneration and deep healing.

I can offer certain workshops to help the couples that are open to personal development apply these secrets in their intimate life in order to transform their love life enormously.

I believe that tantric massage is a way to open wide the gates of a fulfilling and meaningful love life for a couple thanks to the discovered secrets and revealed mysteries.

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mira lucky love maseuza

Professional training

  • Massage therapy school
  • Tantric Massage School for Men and Women (Esoteric Massage Academy)

She speaks: Romanian, English, French.


mira tantric masseuse
It was a kind of tantric massage that I have never experienced before. I did not expect to go so deep in my soul. Thank you, Mira.