10 reasons to choose an authentic tantric masaj

10 reasons to choose an authentic tantric masaj

Why is an authentic tantric massage more valuable than a common erotic massage?

Today, the market is full of erotic massage offers for men and women. Under the name of erotic massage or tantric massage we often find promiscuous offers or banal erotic massages, with or without happy ending, very rarely massages that aim for something more than a simple sensual experience and almost none authentic tantric massage.

How does an authentic tantric massage differ from a regular erotic massage?

Here you have 10 reasons why it is better to choose an authentic tantric massage, as you can find at the Lucky Love tantric erotic massage salon in Bucharest:

1. Authentic tantric massage is based on spiritual knowledge

Authentic tantric massage is based on esoteric oriental spiritual knowledge. This knowledge contains aspects related to the energetic structure of the being, energetic meridians, acupressure points.

Thus, the authentic tantric massage does not only aim at dynamizing the sensual aspect, the pure amorous erotic energy of the being. It makes the most of some techniques and massage maneuvers performed along the energy meridians with the aim of unblocking, harmonizing, elevating energy and trigerring beneficial, euphoric, spiritualizing states.

At Lucky Love Tantric Erotic Massage Salon you will find authentic tantric massages specially designed to awaken and harmonize your whole being, including your body, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. They are always improved to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

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2. Authentic tantric massage is performed by professional therapists with spiritual training

Lucky Love therapists always aim to elevate their being through persevering spiritual practice. This gives them the ability to channel superior energies from the macrocosm and to direct the awakened energy to the desired beneficial purpose during the tantric massage.

The practice of conscious touch, full of energetical and emotional charge during the authentic tantric massage is achievable in the long run only by awakening the ability to live the present moment and through subtle connection to the superior energies of consciousness.

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3. Authentic tantric massage includes the subtle, elevated energetic aspects of your being

Authentic tantric massage touches the whole being, not only the physical body but also the subtle energetic one. Massaging the areas that correspond to certain energy points causes the corresponding energy to be activated and then it will be diffused throughout your being through specific maneuvers.

An important feature of an authentic tantric massage is that the erotic experience is intertwined with certain states from the soul, mental and spiritual levels of the being. Thus, an ineffable unifying experience appears that transports you beyond space and time.

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4. Authentic tantric massage involves a conscious attitude and living in the present moment

The touches during the tantric massage are performed consciously and deliberately aim at certain dynamizations and the awakening of superior beneficial emotions.

The intensity of the feelings and the awakening of the senses spontaneously maintain your consciousness in the present moment which frees you from the burden of the past and from the dreams and worries related to a possible future.

5. Authentic tantric massage appeals to the sphere of your soul, of your heart

The atmosphere during the tantric massage is full of openness, relaxation, connection primarily at the soul level. Unpleasant experiences of life can lead to emotional blockages that are later reflected in your lovelife.

Authentic tantric massage will unblock the energies from the emotional area in certain precise ways and at the end of such a massage you will have the state of "light heart", an accumulation of delightful feelings in your soul.

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6. Authentic tantric massage creates the premises for an inner transformation

The authentic tantric massage opens your being to your spiritual dimension. During the tantric massage, certain experiences of transcending the ego and accessing the soul and spiritual sphere are facilitated.

In order to perpetuate them, however, a constant spiritual practice that is done individually will be needed.

Lucky Love masseuses can offer you some useful information and insights.

7. Authentic tantric massage can transform your view on sexuality

Although Tantra is a millennial science, the authentic tantric massage that is based on this science is revolutionary in terms of sexuality.

Awakened pure erotic energy is used to amplify superior qualities and aspects of your being and not wasted thus causing devitalization, boredom, the awakening of the inferior, instinctual aspects of  your personality.

Tantrics use the energy of pure eroticism in order to awaken the potentialities of  your being, to reach spiritual perfection.

8. You discover the benefits of tantric orgasm without discharge

It was found that after ejaculation man feels weak and his concentration decreases. That's why athletes are advised even to avoid amorous interaction before sport competitions.

Genuine tantric massage facilitates the awakening of the ability to control erotic potential and the experience of fulfilling, total tantric orgasms. Of course, for this it is necessary to meet certain conditions and even learn the necessary internal mechanisms.

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Tantra is a science and also a spiritual path that aims at the spiritual accomplishment of the human being that embraces and sanctifies all aspects of life, including the amorous aspects.

'Indian tantra is the science of how to turn sexual energy into spiritual energy; how to create the device that modifies, transforms, transmutes energy; how to move from bottom to top; how to go from earth to sky. It is a path from sex to superconsciousness.' (Osho)

9. You benefit from a wonderful state of expansion

The feelings that appear during the authentic tantric massage are refined, amazing, rich in nuances. They open the door to some enchanting subtle worlds in which the perception of the body fades dissolving into a state of conscious "intoxication."

10. You discover that you are not separated from anyone and anything

The experience during the authentic tantric massage takes you out of the limited sphere of your ego. You will experience a state of connection in the soul with everything and everyone around you.

With 20 years of experience, the authentic Lucky Love tantric erotic massage parlour in Bucharest has always offered its clients a top massage, which is permanently improved with new fulfilling aspects to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.