Tantric massage: what is it and which are its benefits?

Tantric massage: what is it and which are its benefits?

Tantric massage is increasingly making its presence felt these days. It is arousing more and more interest and curiosity among massage lovers. 

However, even though it is called Tantric massage, some massage parlours do not necessarily offer a genuine Tantric massage. Often, behind this concept lies a banal erotic or sexual massage.

How can you tell the difference between a genuine tantric massage and a poor quality one or a banal erotic massage that has been given the name tantric? 

What is a genuine tantric massage?

Authentic tantric massage is more than just an erotic massage or sexual massage. Tantric massage has more than just a sexual component. 

Tantra is an esoteric science that encompasses the human being and its entire existence, giving it an evolutionary spiritual meaning. Today, Tantra is seen as a set of practices designed to enhance sexual performance and erotic pleasure. But these aspects constitute less than 10% of what Tantra really is, namely a spiritual path designed to reveal the human being's true divine nature.

Thus, a genuine tantric massage cannot ignore the soul, mental and spiritual component of the human being. Tantric massage, unlike an erotic or sexual massage, is not just about awakening a state of physical pleasure, possibly paroxysmal.

True tantric massage includes certain procedures and techniques for unblocking, harmonising and energetically refining the being, so that pleasure (erotic energy) does not remain an end in itself but a means of discovering one's own being, of accessing higher states of consciousness.

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What is a quality tantric massage?

Here are some criteria by which a quality tantric massage can be recognised:

1. The quality, variety and appropriateness of the techniques used during the tantric massage. The skills of the tantric therapist (masseur/massage therapist) can give you some clues as to the value of the tantric massage.
Knowledge of acupressure techniques, energy meridians, reflex points shows that you are in the hands of a specialist. Knowing and mastering the techniques of body massage is the icing on the cake of tantric massage. 
To this tantric and massage knowledge can be added some qualities that a tantric therapist is good to possess and develop: empathy, the ability to personalize tantric massage according to the needs of the receiver, the ability to act on energy.

2. The duration of the tantric massage can be an important benchmark to detect if a tantric massage is genuine. If you are offered a massage of only 30 minutes it is clear that it cannot be a tantric massage. The recommended duration is a minimum of 1.5 hours so that you can enjoy the full benefits of a tantric massage. 

3. The purpose of tantric massage. It is important to know that the purpose of tantric massage is never to lose sexual potential. On the contrary, the purpose of tantric massage is that the erotic energy of the being as well as the state of pleasure is used for the regeneration of the being, the improvement of the state of health as well as for the awakening of the energy centres located along the spine.
The ancient tantrics knew and used these secrets, which, in addition to improving the quality of life, accelerated personal development and happiness within the couple.

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Benefits of tantric massage

  • stress relief and complete relaxation
  • confers a state of regeneration to the body
  • removes energy blockages and brings positive energy 
  • increases libido
  • eliminates erotic and emotional tension
  • brings peace of mind
  • restores self-confidence
  • boosts personal charisma
  • induces altered states of consciousness

Tantric massage helps you to reconnect with your own body and erotic energy and use it for a life of health and happiness. 
If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, Tantric massage significantly reduces these problems so you can enjoy a fulfilling couple life.    

Lucky Love massage parlour is with you on this fascinating journey into the world of tantric massage. Our tantric therapists will guide you step by step in discovering happiness beyond the limits of your body.