The Principles of Authentic Tantric Massage

The Principles of Authentic Tantric Massage

An authentic tantric massage follows the principles of Tantra philosophy to the letter, to which the specific aspects of the art of massage are added. Nowadays, there are many massages that call themselves Tantric massages but they pursue other interests and apply other rules, thus creating a huge confusion about authentic Tantric massage. 

Some erotic massage parlours promote certain forms of services of a strictly commercial sexual nature through so-called tantra massage. They take advantage of men's immense hunger for pleasure in particular and promote a massage which often results in the loss of erotic potential, disregarding, either out of ignorance or carelessness, or knowingly, authentic tantric principles.

In order to provide a clarifying perspective on these issues, we will highlight certain tantric principles that an authentic tantric massage follows.

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1. Authentic tantric massage involves the control of erotic energy and the conscious savouring of pleasure

During authentic tantric massage you will be helped and assisted to experience the state of refined pleasure and enjoy erotic energy without ejaculation. By applying certain manoeuvres and acting on energy points and meridians, erotic energy is permanently directed throughout the body. 

The masseuse knows how to act on your energy so that throughout the tantric massage you enjoy an elevated state of sacred eroticism that involves among other things the control of your erotic potential.

Although for some people the control of erotic potential is unthinkable or undesirable, if you abandon yourself to this experience, you will feel that the effects are extraordinary. It is indeed a new experience but you will be convinced of the many benefits. 

By applying this tantric principle during the tantric massage, the immense erotic energy that is generated can be transformed into a gigantic beneficial energy that will nourish your being.
This energy can then be used for personal progress in various areas of your life, for bodily regeneration, for healing of the soul and a state of inner peace and tranquillity.

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2. Authentic tantric massage is an experience that transcends the body

During authentic tantric massage you will discover new erogenous zones that will be energized and enjoy new and delicious feelings. This energy of pure pleasure then becomes an agent of deep emotional healing, spiritual awakening and regeneration of your whole being. 

Therefore, during authentic tantric massage, pleasure is not an purpose in itself, as it is with regular erotic massage. It becomes a means by which you can access higher states of consciousness such as states of bliss, states of beneficial trance, states of extraordinary pleasure that will be experienced throughout the body.

The intensity of the experience and its refinement through certain tantric techniques will take you beyond the limits of the physical body. There you will meet your soul, now enriched by the flavour of love, happiness and deep peace. There you will find yourself.

 3. Authentic tantric massage involves harmonising yin and yang, feminine and masculine, + and - energies. 

According to the ancient tradition, many health problems or emotional imbalances are caused by an excess or deficit of yin or yang energy.
Genuine tantric massage works on these energies bringing a state of well-being and harmony to your being. 

By carefully energising the yin and yang meridians in the body through tantric massage techniques you can experience a savoury state of unity and refined, conscious pleasure.
By massaging and applying special tantric massage techniques to both the left and right sides of the body you will even be able to achieve balancing of the cerebral hemispheres, which will bring balance and harmony.

When yin and yang energies are balanced, magic happens. Waves of exquisite pleasure will flood your being and you will have access to an amazing state of inner strength. 

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