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Tantric Erotic Massage for Couples

Tantric Erotic Massage for Couples

Tantric erotic massage for couples is a unique opportunity to surprise your beloved and to rekindle the passion and erotic attraction in the case of long-term relationships. A combination of pampering, tender sensuality and security in an elegant ambiance.

What is erotic massage for couples?

The Lucky Massage erotic massage salon in Bucharest offers you a tantric erotic massage for couples inspired by both the millennial tantric and Taoist tradition. This massage also includes elements of the classic relaxation massage and pressopuncture in a unique combination designed to give you an experience full of sensual delights and positive energy.

The techniques of tantric erotic massage for couples are seductive, romantic, healing and energizing. They imitate the rhythms of nature: the soft touches like raindrops remove rigidity, the waves of caresses bring out deep resentments and failures, the warmth of hands and the harmonious sounds of music pour warmth into the soul and the sun in the eyes driving away the black clouds of excessive worries.

The benefits of tantric erotic massage for couples

 Disconnection from everyday life and openness to nudity and refined eroticism with your partner gradually lead to experiencing states of:

  •     empathy
  •     trust
  •     delicious privacy
  •     euphoric expansion, freedom and expansion of consciousness
  •     emotional healing
  •     polarization between the two lovers
  •     rediscovering the mystery of the loved one

 How is the tantric erotic massage for couples going to be?

Tantric erotic massage for couples can be performed in separate rooms or in the same room depending on the couple's option.
The woman can opt for a female or male therapist and the man will have a female therapist.
Each of the two lovers will enjoy the delights of specific tantric erotic massage.

The erotic massage we offer for couples is a massage for body, mind and soul, meant to increase intimacy, empathy as well as freedom, communication and confidence between the two lovers. The massage encourages communication and freedom in the couple on a background of mutual trust. It is also meant to revive the sparkle within the long-term couple relationships.