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Tantric Massage for Women  

Adrian Lucky Love Massage

I have always been drawn to mystery, to authentic spirituality, and I have looked for that authentic spiritual vein that unites all religions and brings me to myself.

Usually we look for spirituality outside, but during this search we realize that this journey takes us inside our being. Then we can realize that the universe is mirrored in our own being and that we are discovering ourselves through other people.

I am also passionate about Indian natural medicine, I have studied this branch of medicine in India and Nepal. It was there that I began to come in contact with Eastern traditions and Tantra.

Being a trained kinesiotherapist and a therapeutic massage therapist, I was curious to find out what the tantric massage brings extra and I started to practice it.

I believe that Tantra takes massage to the level of art. In contemporary society, most people are accustomed to living only through the mind and lose contact with the soul. Tantric massage performed as a form of art nourishes the soul.

During the tantric and yoni massages that I perform, I aim to create an environment in which every woman will be helped to know herself through direct experience, to be aware of certain blocked energies, traumas or frustrations.

Then through special tantric massage techniques, through my conscious and patient attitude, I help them embrace all these and be in communion with their soul. These create the premises for a deep healing that, through deepening, can help them completely transform their lives and vision of their own feminine identity.

When I perform tantric massage, I do not relate to the individuality of each woman, but to her feminine essence, which animates her as a woman beyond the barriers of limited personality, in transpersonal plane.

Thus, tantric massage becomes a form of adoration of the eternal feminine.

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Adrian Lucky Love Maseur

Professional training
    • Faculty of Physical Education and Sport - kinesiotherapy specialisation (Ph.D.)
    • Tantric massage for women  (Esoteric Massage Academy)
    • Others: naturist medicine school, Ayurvedic massage therapist

He speaks: Romanian, English


adrian tantric masseur
Aseară, după masajul yoniului, nu mai puteam adormi! Eram atât de plină de energie! Mă simt extraordinar de bine. Îți mulțumesc, Adrian, pentru această experiență unică și autentică. Mâinile tale sunt miraculoase! Îți mulțumesc pentru tot ce ai adus în viața mea: cunoaștere și vindecare. Recomand masajul tantric tuturor femeilor. (Ro)