What does it mean to be feminine?

What does it mean to be feminine?

Those of us who embrace our femininity know its power.
Betsy Cornwell

What does it mean to be in your feminine energy?

Woman delights, creates, inspires, fascinates, nurtures and above all, loves. Competitiveness, exaggerated control, retreat into work, concern only with outward appearance, the simmering war she carries in her being against men does not help to harmonize feminine nature and energy, quite the contrary. 
To be in feminine energy is to be the irresistible lover, the exemplary mother, the inspiring muse, the exemplary wife. Femininity means to trust yourself and offer love, protection, support, comfort. This feminine energy is endless in the universe. You just need to learn to capture it and use it in a beneficial way.
Femininity means...

  • you're naturally attractive, without trying too hard to stand out.
  • your relationship is full of happiness and harmony, without having to work for it
  • you feel good in your own skin
  • you are happy
  • you have a lot of vitality and beneficial energy
  • you are full of sensuality and your love interaction with your lover is full of flavour
  • you have a great emotional availability
  • you love life
  • your intuition works excellently
  • you are full of creativity 

Positive feminine energy makes you magnetic, magical, mysterious. You become connected to the very source of life.

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Femininity means happiness

You may have often wondered why some women who don't have obvious beauty are still more attractive to men and experience more happiness in life. Well, those women have that something that comes from within them, a special charm determined by their feminine energy.

Femininity is a part of the divinity given by God to each of us. It is your incomparable power and influence to do good. You can, thanks to your supernatural gifts, bless the lives of children, women and men. Take pride in your femininity. Enhance it. Use it to serve others.
James E. Faust

The play of Yin and Yang energies 

Femininity is a consequence of the presence in the human being of Yin, lunar, receptive, passive energy. In combination with masculine Yang energy, it gives rise to the material universe. These two energy poles complement and attract each other and this is best seen in a couple relationship. When this energy is predominant in a man's aura, we call him effeminate.Nothing is entirely Yin or Yang in the universe. 

The more harmonious and feminine yin energy a woman has, the more attractive she is to the opposite sex.In modern times, women have begun to take on more and more masculine qualities and roles in society, and rarely do they connect to the source of their femininity, even though it would give them great fulfillment and happiness. When a woman possesses excess yang energy we say she is masculinised. Unfortunately, society has feminised men and masculinised women.

What is the basis of attraction between a man and a woman?
The more yang, masculine a man is, the more he will attract a more feminine woman and inspire her to be more feminine, more in tune with her essential nature.
The more feminine you are and the more feminine your attitude, the more masculine the men you attract will be.It's a universal law.

How to connect to your femininity

  • Focus on your feminine self, on what you experience, on your sensations, on your body and your state of well-being, fulfilment will attract by itself all that is beneficial and beautiful in your life.Especially when you are tired, overwhelmed, stressed, you need your feminine energy which will regenerate you, inspire you, give you strength and enthusiasm.
  • Give yourself time to relax, to find yourself, to recharge yourself with beneficial energies.A walk in nature, attending femininity development classes, spending quality time with other women you admire, a massage, can all be of real benefit in this regard.
  • Indulge yourself with a tantric massage for women, which will remove blocked energies in your being, balance you, harmonize you. Through this massage you connect to your deepest femininity and will be able to manifest all that is most beautiful in the woman within you.

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