Lucky Love Tantric Erotic Massage

Lucky Love Tantric Erotic Massage

The Lucky Love erotic massage salon in Bucharest offers you the massage you eagerly wait for on Friday, after a week of work or ... on any other day.

Located in the heart of Bucharest, Lucky Love erotic massage parlour invites you in a unique spiritual journey which opens the amazing world of eroticism besides the most seductive guide: the Lucky Love masseuse.
An erotic tantric massage that invites you to an unforgettable sensuous experience in a dimention which is beyond time and space, a metitative sequence full of happiness, savour and depth.

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What is the erotic tantric massage?

The Lucky Love erotic massage salon in Bucharest offers you an erotic massage full of sensuality that leads you to the heights of pleasure and awakens all your senses.

What is specific to this massage is the fact that these intense and overwhelming feelings are felt throughout the body due to the application of special tantric techniques.

The tantric erotic massage offered by our erotic massage salon starts with some relaxation maneuvers that aim to relax the body and calm the mind.

Our masseuse will unblock the main meridians of the body and will eliminate by pressopuncture the tensions accumulated in different areas.
Then the massage becomes more and more sensual. The beautiful masseuse will slide on your body with delicate caresses, she will caress you with her body waking up unforgettable sensations.

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Our sensual masseuse has Tao and Tantric knowledge which she will use to activate and modulate your erotic energy. During the erotic massage, the universe of her being is connected to the Source of cosmic energies and her conscious touches will guide you to a world full of magic and positive energy.

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You will fell an expansion beyond the physical body, full of flavour and refined senzuality, in which you will rediscover yourself. Thus, this tantric erotic massage full of sensual delights and fascination will nourish both your body and spirit.

The benefits of the tantric erotic massage offered by Lucky Love

  •     awakens the erotic energy in a controlled manner
  •     helps you master your sexuality
  •     the ability to experience amorous states in the entire being
  •     expansion beyond the limits, access to a transpersonal level
  •     refinement of sensual states
  •     balances and purifies the energy along the meridians
  •     relieves stress and relaxes
  •     removes tiredness
  •     revigorating and comforting effect
  •     stimulates the secretion of endorphines

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The atmosphere of the tantric erotic massage

In the rooms of our erotic massage studio the atmosphere is sensual, warm, clean and relaxing. A soft, relaxing and sensual music plays in the background. Aromatherapy lamps with natural oils spread inviting aromas. The light is discreet and warm. 
All you need to do is to take off your clothes and worries, have a shower and abandon yourself in the skilfull hands of our masseuse who will caress your body with a natural, best quality oil.

The rooms are very clean. Everything we use for the tantric erotic massage for men respects proper hygiene, towels are clean and the oils used during the massage are natural.

We invite you to spend a quality time enjoying a professional tantric erotic masaj, confidentiality and refined services in the Lucky Love erotic massage salon from Bucharest.
An unforgettable experience!

Prices starting at: 350 lei