Erotic tantric massage
for women


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A transformative journey into the fascinating universe of your femininity

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Erotic tantric massage for women and tantric Massage offered by Lucky Love tantric erotic massage salon in Bucharest offers you the opportunity to awaken and harmonize your state of femininity (Shakti), your sensuality in a pleasant, simple and effective way. You will become the irresistible lover, the affectionate and patient mother, the extraordinary wife, the charming colleague, in the relationships in your life as well as to the discovering. And, above all, the feminine woman you dream to be.

At Lucky Love tantric erotic massage parlour you will have a unique and transformative experience, because the authentic tantric massage for women offered by our salon opens you to the complex and deep world of tantric orgasm as well as to discovering the subtle spiritual aspects of your being.

Are you facing:

  • lack of sensual and orgasmic states,
  • pain during lovemaking,
  • savourless states,
  • lack of polarization in your couple relationship,
  • difficulty in having a love relationship?

Do you feel unattractive, ignored by men, unhappy?

These mean that your amorous, feminine energy needs to be unblocked, harmonized and activated.

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What is the erotic tantric massage for women offered by Lucky Love?

Erotic tantric massage for women is a massage for body, mind and soul. Lucky Love erotic massage salon in Bucharest is the ideal place to feel pampered, caressed, relaxed but also energized, in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

Lucky Massage erotic massage parlour offers a authentic tantric erotic massage for women inspired by both the millennial Tantric and Taoist tradition and consists of maneuvres from the classic relaxation massage and pressopuncture massage (on important points on the energy meridians), Ayurvedic massage, lymphatic massage.

All these maneuvers performed through conscious touches will remove stress and tension accumulated in your body and will generate refined states of pleasure, happiness, fulfillment. The beneficial energy you will get will give you magnetism and irresistibility. It will awaken your feminine power and the state of femininity (Shakti).

You will discover another amazing and delightful perspective on sexuality, in which pure erotic amorous energy, the soul and the higher spiritual aspects, all energized, contribute together to the creation of a state of totality, wholeness, difficult to express in words.

What are the extraordinary benefits of the erotic tantric massage for women offered Lucky Love?

  • relieves stress and tensions
  • removes anorgasmia and frigidity
  • heals emotional trauma
  • harmonizes energy at the level of the heart, awakens and amplifies the state of love
  • awakens and activates refined erotic energy
  • states of fulfillment, pleasure, happiness
  • you discover that you are more than the physical body and the tantric orgasm you feel it is not just an experience that is limited to the genital area, but includes the whole being, the subtle energetic structure, too
  • you experience intense and refined feelings that take you to another dimension, the one of your consciousness

What are the stages of Lucky Love erotic tantric massage for women?

  • Connection – a short conversation about your expectations, possible sensitivities, creating a climate of trust
  • Relaxation – relaxation maneuvers, activating certain areas of the body, secret marmas which relax and release tension, silence the mind, calm the soul
  • Dynamization – delicious body massage techniques, pressopuncture, that activate energy meridians to awaken erogenous zones and feminine energies. This stage includes inguinal massage and tantric massage (for those who want)
  • Expansion – the awakened energy is directed throughout the body, in all energy centers (chakras), along the spine which awakens complex and fulfilling states on all levels of the being
  • Sharing – a moment of awareness and fixation of feelings, of constructive feedback
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What is tantric's massage offered at the end
of the tantric massage?

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tantric massage offered by Lucky Love erotic tantric massage salon is a special massage performed with delicacy and gentleness on the outer and inner parts of the vagina. It is done only if the woman wants it, at the end of the erotic tantric massage for women.

Practiced in India and China for more than 1000 years, the purpose of vaginal massage is to heal and awaken the woman.

This intimate massage for women is performed in a warm, cosy atmosphere, in which the heart to heart connection and empathy play an important role.

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Self-knowledge and self-healing through the tantric massage offered at the end of the erotic tantric massage for women

In pressopuncture it is considered that all the organs and parts of our body are projected and have a certain corresponding area on the soles, palms, ears and also on the genitals.

tantric massage is an intimate massage in which all parts of the vagina are stimulated and energized including by certain maneuvres specific to pressopuncture, too.

Although at first sight it looks like a sexual massage, the purpose of the vaginal massage is an elevated, transformative one which aimes the healing of the woman from the traumas and the psychic and erotic tensions, her openness to love, plenary eroticism, enchanting femininity.

The overwhelming energy generated by the intense states of orgasm during the tantric massage unblocks these accumulations that can cause anorgasmia, frigidity, vaginal contractions or painful points in the vagina, closing the heart. Thus, in the end, the woman will have even more beneficial erotic and psychic energy.

She will reconnect with her soul and with the spiritual level of her being by unblocking some energies from the soul and leading the awakened energy to the higher spheres of consciousness.

The benefits of the tantric massage offered by Lucky Massage are numerous:

  • acquiring the ability to experience several types of orgasm
  • increased libido
  • healing of anorgasmia, frigidity
  • low back pain relief
  • regaining emotional balance
  • menstrual pain relief
  • removal of emotional traumas
  • delayed menopause
  • unblocking of erotic energy
  • maintaining the vaginal muscles in optimal shape
  • release of pain during sexual intercourse
  • gives the ability to experience multiple, tantric orgasm, which is felt throughout the body
  • increased self-confidence
  • discovering one's femininity and the confidence to manifest it
  • the woman becomes bright and radiant
  • improving the couple's relationship and social life
Our calling as sensual women is to embrace all our desensitized parts and bring them back to life.

Saida Desilets


Tantric Massage for Women

Before 9:00 PM Massage 2 hands Massage 4 hands
and Couples
60 min 350 Lei 650 Lei
90 min 480 Lei 910 Lei
120 min 580 Lei 1060 Lei

Tantric Massage for Women

Before 9:00 PM Massage 2 hands Massage 4 hands
and Couples
90 min 550 Lei 1050 Lei
120 min 650 Lei 1200 Lei

The stages of the tantric massage offered by Lucky Love

During the sensual massage performed in your intimate area, the therapist follows three distinct stages:

1. The first stage of the tantric massage

The first stage of the tantric massage is the mapping of the tantric and the dynamization of certain key "trigger points": clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, cervical area and its center. Each of these areas arouses a distinct form of pleasure and even orgasm.

  • During the tantric massage, some women may experience for the first time certain forms of female orgasm that they may have only heard of before.

2. The second stage of tantric massage

The second stage of tantric massage is the discovery of certain areas of the tantric that may be insensitive, unpleasant or even painful when touched.

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  • Woman's tantric is like a sponge in which many emotional states are absorbed and stored. By stimulating these areas during the tantric massage for an appropriate period of time, these emotions can be brought to the surface of consciousness and even healed.
  • The energy released during the massage tantric begins to flow freely and pleasantly along the energy meridians. In this way, some emotional traumas, stresses, tensions can be easily relieved. When these states reach a climax they can trigger states of catharsis (sometimes manifested during the tantric massage through a liberating cry or laughter).
  • By unblocking these energy points, the corresponding organs of the body are invigorated and energized and woman will experience a special state of well-being, regeneration, vitality, happiness.

3. The third stage of tantric massage

The third stage of tantric massage is the diffusion of orgasmic pleasure from the intimate area throughout the body. Now, woman's body becomes like a huge tantric and she can feel very intense and refined orgasmic pleasure in all parts of her body. The dynamization of the subtle energetic structure of the woman during the tantric massage generates intense states that go beyond the limits of the physical body and woman can thus enjoy some subtle paradisiacal dimensions.

  • The climax of tantric massage for women is a symphony of euphoric feelings that will gradually lead to a global ecstatic state.
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Lucky Love Massage Team

  • With a 18 years experience, at the Lucky Love tantric erotic massage salon you will find masseurs and masseuses who have a vast experience and the necessary training to modulate energy, to induce certain exceptional feelings, ecstatic shivers both at the level of your body and heart but also at the spiritual level.
  • During the tantric erotic massage for women you will be guided to reconnect to the deepest feelings that bring you joy, confidence, peace of mind.
  • See the Qualities of Lucky Love Tantric Therapist

  • Lucky Love masseurs and masseuses are constantly improving their techniques applied in tantric erotic massage for women and tantric massage and aim to perfect their ability to channel high, beneficial energies. These will propel you beyond the limits of your physical body. You will be able to experience another dimension of your being, beyond shape, space and time.


What happens if I want to have the tantric massage without the erotic tantric massage?

This approach is not possible because it would not be beneficial for you. Your body would not be ready for tantric massage and the feelings would be anemic. We do not compromise on quality.

What happens if I do not feel to go on and experience the tantric massage?

Nothing will happen. The masseuse or masseur will stop and will perform a relaxing massage combined with elements of erotic  tantric massage. Even in that case, the effects of erotic tantric massage will be felt much time afterwards.

During this tantric massage there is a state of connection from heart to heart, of empathy. It will never go beyond your personal limits.

How long does the erotic tantric massage for women last?

The duration of the erotic tantric massage for women starts with 1 hour. If you want tantric massage, too, it is neccessary to have at least 2h of massage. Of course you can choose to stay even 2,5 or 3 hours.

This type of massage is indicated for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes but also to simply enjoy the pleasure of a well-deserved massage at the end of the week.

What to expect from the erotic tantric massage for women?

Even if the massage we offer can trigger states of unsuspected pleasure, even multiple orgasms, the purpose of this type of massage is to unblock and energize erotic energy and expand it throughout the being so that a deep and global state of relaxation, refined pleasure and harmony occurs.

What we do NOT offer

You will receive all the information you need about erotic tantric massage for women from the phone conversation and you will be introduced to our principles. The erotic tantric massage offered by our tantric erotic massage salon involves only massage, we do not offer sexual services.

Explore the mystery of your femininity that can't wait to be revealed to you, through a tantric massage. Discover the multiorgasmic woman within you. Reconnect to all that femininity means: love, devotion, sensitivity, vulnerability, empathy, compassion. They are, in fact, your power, the power of your femininity.


"I wish this testimonial were read by all women who have not yet had the grace to experience an erotic tantric massage for women or a tantric massage. Being my birthday, I received this massage as a gift at the Lucky Love tantric erotic massage salon. I can honestly say that during the tantric massage I felt like I was melting and that I was really a woman. The one who gave me the massage was very tender and very attentive. I can tell you that I felt a lot of affection and respect. I felt a great love coming from God. I thank the massuer who has this gift and I wish him much success in what he does."

S .E., București