Tantric Erotic Massage for Men

Tantric Erotic Massage for Men

Lucky Love erotic tantric massage salon from Bucharest invites you to a wonderful journey in the magic world of refined eroticism.

The experience of the Lucky Love erotic massage salon

With more than 18 years of experience, Lucky Love erotic massage recommends the tantric erotic massage for men as an alternative means of enjoying the benefits of sexuality from an oriental perspective which are meant for body, mind and soul.

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What is the tantric erotic massage for men offered by Lucky Love?

  •     The erotic massage session for men starts with delicate or firmer maneuvers (depending on preferences) specific to the relaxation massage.
  •     Certain precise points will initially be stimulated along the spine where the centers of refining the sexual energy are located. This stage will end with the descent of the excess energy from the head and the storage of excess energy in the umbilicus.
  •     This approach turns the erotic energy from a sexual impuls into a pshyco-emotional state that brings us back in the soul.
  •     The sensual touches that follow will help you go through the first stages of ecstasy. They can be tender but even more passionate, they can be of a special purity and tenderness but also of a refined and enchanting eroticism. The caresses are of a unique flavor and refinement. Shivers of pleasure gradually envelop the whole body, awakening exceptional sensations.
  •     The climax of the tantric erotic massage for men is an "allegro ma non tropo" symphony of sounds, touches, caresses that induce refined feelings and an ecstatic expansion that greatly amplifies the sensations.

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The benefits of tantric erotic massage for men

    • acquiring of some techniques of mastering the sexual energy 
    • acquiring the ability to fully experience the plenary, multiple orgasm. Read more about this here.
    • living the present moment
    • stimulation and rebalancing of energy meridians
    • Chi energy regulation
    • improving of immunity. It helps solve problems such as: impotence, premature ejaculation, low back pain, regaining emotional balance and self-confidence
    • It has the role of rebalancing, harmonizing, redistributing sexual energy at the level of the three lower, middle and upper energy fields.

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The techniques of the tantric erotic massage for men

Inspired from the Tantric and Taoist tradition, the tantric erotic massage for men includes maneuvres from:

  •     classic massage of relaxation
  •     lymphatic drainage massage
  •     reflexogenic massage
  •     ayurvedic massage
  •     pressopuncture, etc

The tantric erotic massage for men offered by Lucky Love is an ingenious and complex combination of some massage maneuvres from more types of massages. They are performed on certain energetic meridians, including the reflex points from the sexual area, with sensual touches.

They deblock the energy, nourish the body, awaken the energy of life, the erotic energy and generate a state of deep relaxation and disconnection from the `problems` of the veryday life. They facilitate the access to soul and the fillfillment of the real needs of our being.

What we do NOT offer

Even at the phone call, you are going to receive all the information you need about the tantric erotic massage for men, and you will be reminded our principles: our services involve just massage, and we do not offer sexual services. 
The touches do not aim at initiating a sexual act but at releasing negative energies and tensions and maintaining a state of happiness and fulfillment for as long as possible.

What you can expect

Regardless of the intention with which you enter our salon, the erotic massage for men you will receive will give you the satisfaction of having lived a regenerating and fulfilling experience.
The results of this type of massage are influenced by attitude, the ability to disconnect from the everyday life, by openness to refined eroticism and curiosity to learn new techniques for obtaining and prolonging pleasure.

During at least one hour of erotic massage (the ideal duration of a massage is 90 minutes) you will benefit from an erotic massage performed by professional masseuses.
Please give them due respect and be open to receiving an exceptional massage which, in most cases, can be more fulfilling than a sexual act devoid of transfiguration and love.

Prices starting at: 350 lei